Chrome extension - multiple JS contexts

Heya, I have integrated Sentry into our Chrome extension and it’s working well.

We have multiple JS contexts, content script runs in the page and does things like add UI to a clients page.
The background script runs in the background and handles the network requests (To get around CORS issues), it initiates requests by receiving messages from content scripts.

The content script is running Redux and recently we added some middleware to add Breadcrumbs to Sentry each time an Action is dispatched. The issue I’m having is that if when a content script sends the background script a message to do a network request and there is an error in the background script the Sentry error report doesn’t have any of the breadcrumbs or context that the context script has.

Is there a way of passing info from the Sentry instance running in the content script to the instance of Sentry running in the background script so I can get the context of what led to the error? Maybe I can pass some sort of context object or serialise the breadcrumbs and put them into the message sent to the background script?