Cloud not displaying Events


I’ve integrated Sentry with a FastAPI (Python) ASGI application. Initially I added a new project to an existing account. My route handler deliberately raised an error and I could see the sentry-sdk making the request to the DSN and receiving a 200 response. However, no events were being displayed in the Project.

After some head scratching, I decided to create a new account and a new Project. I changed the DSN to refer to this new project, and now the events were being displayed.

As a “just in case” I checked the original project to see if there was any input filtering on it, but there wasn’t.

Any idea why events would show up in one project and not another? The only thing I changed was the DSN.


Note: I also sent events to the DSN via curl and the same behaviour as described above happened. One project displayed the issue, the other didn’t, even though the responses were all 200.

I’d be surprised if I’m the only one to have encountered this. Have any of you this behaviour before?