Confused about new SDK

Hi there,
I started setting up Sentry in Python and logging(via raven) and then all the docs have switched to the new SDK system.
Should I continue using the legacy sentry setup until all the features of the old sentry logging handler are ported over to the sentry-sdk approach? It appears as though the sentry-sdk has some features missing from the old raven approach.
Thanks for your help

Hi Patrick,

If you could tell us what features you’re missing from the new logging setup that would be great. Generally we do try to support people who already using raven, so there’s no immediate need for you to switch to the new SDK.


Hi Markus,
Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, it was really just confusion on my part. Initial testing with Raven was very positive, so I had no need to move over to SDK; it was just that the docs made it feel like it was what I HAD to do rather than it being optional… probably more my misinterpretation than anything!
I’m just using Sentry with logging and attaching a sentry handler to the logging system setup by the “Shotgun” vfx pipeline software I work with. I can’t remember exactly, but I think I also made use of the logging.yaml (eg logging dict) method to configure the handler.
Thanks again!

Hi Patrick,

I am not familiar with the Shotgun library you use, but FYI the new SDK should capture all messages from all loggers out of the box without you having to register any handlers.

@untitaker: I had similar problems as to the OP. In my case, it looks like the extra parameter is no longer being respected. e.g.,

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
log.warning('Hello', extra={ 'param': 'Sentry', })

does not seem to work anymore.

@2ps that sounds like a different problem. Could you file a bug report against Thanks