Sentry-Python + dictConfig

Is it still possible to configure the new Sentry SDK through logging dictConfig?

Hi @tomako

I am not sure what that means. Do you mean whether we still expose a handler class?

@untitaker Yes. That was raven.handlers.logging.SentryHandler earlier. I just didn’t see this option mentioned in the new SDK doc.

The equivalent is called sentry_sdk.integrations.logging.EventHandler and sentry_sdk.integrations.logging.BreadcrumbHandler. I hope the meaning of each is self-explanatory.

We want to document this once we are sure we want to keep this kind of interface. Just make sure you pin your SDK version in the meantime if you’re going to use this.

FYI you can also configure the logging integration such that it captures all errors from all loggers, without setting up any handlers: