Confusion about source maps for React Native


Before I pose my questions, let me tell you that I’ve read through the forums and the [official documentation

  1. Currently, I do not do anything special to upload my source maps for my React Native project. However, in most (not all though! will come back to this later on) errors, I can see the relevant source code bit in sentry web. I see the sentence “Currently automatic source map handling is only implemented for iOS with Xcode and Android with gradle.” in “Source Maps for Other Platforms” page Is this how I see the source code for the errors inside sentry web?

  2. If Sentry does automatically upload source maps, why is there even a part of documentation explaining source map uploading for React Native? In which cases, do I need to do this manual process?

  3. In some cases, the stacktrace seems garbled (along with the error message itself), and the code does not really match the error message:

Why is that? How can I fix it?

I use 0.58.5 with react-native-sentry 0.39.1. I do not have any “processing issues”, i.e. all my dSYMs have already been uploaded.