Craete-react-app sourcemaps not working

Hello guys, so I am trying to make sourcemaps working…

I made a lot of progress but sourcemaps wont match the code yet and I do no know why.

FIrst of all, I made a script for uploading the sourcemaps with the help of this link:
How to add Sentry with source maps to a React app

I modified it a bit due to his code having a few issues but eventually everything went well and I successfully uploaded my source maps to the Sentry, also made versioning of the releases right:

So releases are okay, but matching the sourcemaps is still not working, even though names of the files and sourcemaps are matching and version is correct as well:
** cannot upload 2 photos at once **

Help please! :slight_smile:

This is the issue:

Okay, I found out what was the problem, it needed “~” in front of source maps names. :slight_smile: