Sentry source maps not working


I have compiled my sourcemaps for react using parcel. Then used the github action found in the marketplace to upload them to my sentry project. The sourcemaps in sentry look like this ~/ Errors are coming in for our site and the file name matches the source map just fine. I get the following message in sentry when I look at the error.

There was 1 error encountered while processing this event:
Sourcemap was invalid or not parseable:

We do not upload out sourcemaps to production so they do not exist. My understanding was that sentry would use the sourcemaps uploaded as a fall back.

If I do upload my sourcemaps to production they seem to unminify in the browser (dev console) just fine. But I would like to not have to upload them to production to get sentry to work.

Fixed the issue, the problem was that my release version was not matching up when I uploaded source maps and when I intialized my SDK in my react app.

Can you share your solution? Either showing how you got it working or with a sample repository?