Crash free user rate

Is there any way how we can see in a general overview about the crash free user rate (or rate with users which have crashes) for a certain time range?


We don’t collect anything other than error information, so we can’t tell you about “crash-free” rates or any ratios that depend on that information currently.

If Sentry can tell me how many unique users experience a crash in a month for example, and I know the number of unique users I have in a month (using Mixpanel for example), then I can calculate this crash-free rate.

Since Sentry can be configured to have unique identifier assigned to users, is there a way (in the UI, or using the API) to retrieve the number of uniquer users with a crash for a certain time range?

This is something I would like to measure as part of an Object Key Result approach.

On discover add a the following columns (count unique or user.username or user.ip]) and error.handled, 0 is the total of errors that weren’t handled ( normally a crash on an app)