Crashpad and linux

I have troubles with using Crashpad in Ubuntu 18.04. I expect that crashpad will create and send minidumps to I build crashpad lib according to google instructions.
Dumps are created, OK. But there are problems with sending.

When my process crashes i get the following errors from crashpad_client:

ERROR] read out of range
ERROR] missing nul-terminator
ERROR] missing credentials
ERROR] ReadLine

What it means?

I also try compile sentrypad from github/getsentry/sentry-native.

Then run sentry_example_crashpad and get:
FATAL] Check failed: scheme == “http”. Got https for scheme in ‘…’

it looks like crashpad_client was built without “crashpad_use_boringssl_for_http_transport_socket=true” (i got crashpad_client by running scripts/ crashpad)

Where am i wrong?