A required debug information file was missing (native SDK)

I have created a native C++ test project for evaluating purposes, by and large adapting the example code from sentry (sentry-native/example.c at 3fdaa5d5eeb306fa2d13ca66ec25e656960d19b8 · getsentry/sentry-native · GitHub)

Uploaded debug file (Linux). However when the crash is triggered, the issue displays
“required debug information file was missing” and no symbolic stack trace shown, even though debug Id-s match.

I searched the forum, and nothing so far is hepful.

There is this documentation on debug upload files:
“If you upload a file that was previously reported as missing by Sentry in a crash report, it may take up to one hour until Sentry starts using this file for new crash reports”

This error is appearing even after one hour.

Weird thing is I triggered an option that sends sentry_event_add_exception and this correctly identifies the debug file. The crash mentioned above still doesn’t.

From further reading:

I am using crashpad (for out-of-process hadling), but from here, it appears not well supported.

Thus, the recommendation is to use breakpad backend on Linux?