CSP Reports quota and limits


In this very moment, our on-premise installation is hostage of CSP reports.
We have a dedicated project for CSP reports, and other projects for the regular exceptions.

I tried to tune the settings available on the web interface for:

  • “Account Limit” -> 2000
  • “Per-Project Limit” -> 50%

(being on premise we have only 1 Organization, hence I assume that overall there can be only 2000 events per hour, between exceptions and CSP reports across all the project, and that CSP project could only hog for 50% of the events. I can’t go below this from the interface).

However, it seems like the service is busy churning only CSP reports and nothing else get through.

Also the system claim receiving 70K events per hours (so >> 2000)

All the Admin stats more or less reflect this 70K events/hour figure. (e.g. in the Celery queue) so looks like all the CSP reports are passing thorugh.

Is there a way I can reduce the pressure from this rogue CSP-only project?