More frequency information

Our projects is hitting the events per minute limits and I’d like to figure out which events might be causing this.
Sort by Frequency simply sorts on number of events, which is a start. But is there any way to retrieve events that happen very rapidly?

We don’t have a good global answer for this other than to go through your projects and take a look at the 24 hour/7 day graphs.

But I can see how surfacing such events at the organization level would be helpful (e.g. on the /stats) page.

I also found that checking the breadcrumbs on a few events of an issue that occurred a lot, for relatively few users. This way you can see the time between occurrences.
But yeah something better would be great, that /stats page seems like a great place since it also gives a better view on which limits where pushed.

I like that we can see “Events per minute” on “stats” but what does that mean? The average of all that I can see in that graph? The latest?

Also, it would be nice to have that on the per-key (aka in some people’s case, that just means per-project) configuration, not the global stats. The reason I say that is because that’s how we’re configuring the rate limit right now.