Custom deobfuscation

I have not used Sentry, but I think to use Sentry, I’ll need to write a Sentry SDK that decode/de-obfuscate the incoming exception report before sending it to Sentry. I am tracking a C# application.

How should I send ambiguous frame to Sentry? For some obfuscated frame the decoder can’t find a exact match. It currently outputs some thing like this:

Frame #5: ClassC.FunctionC(bool)
Frame #4: Cannot find match for b.z()
          Possible matches:
Frame #5: ClassA.FunctionA(ClassX)

I think one way I can try is to set frame #4 function value to one line like

Cannot find match for b.z(). Possible matches: ClassB.Function1(), ClassB.Function2()

@iamphi the best thing you could do today is host a proxy which accepts Sentry data, processes it, and then sends the finalized data to the Sentry server. We have a number of larger/enterprise customers do that, but there’s no real official documentation/supported way beyond just digging into it.