Dashboard no data sent from .Net Framework App

I am using .Net Framework version 4.6.1 and written the code in VB.Net. Followed the manual in documentation to send the data to Sentry, but there is no data showing in Dashboard. Please help.

You’re calling Init twice there, the first time without a DSN. This means the first call will do nothing (unless you have a DSN set as an environment variable), and the second call will actually initialize the SDK (but without the Debug=true because that was done in the previous call that was no-op).

Looks like a WebForms app, is that right?
You need to initialize the SDK in the Global.asax.cs file instead. You need to call Init only once.

You can init on Application_Start, capture errors during requests on Application_Error and finally Dispose the SDK when the site shuts down Application_End.

Here’s an example: