Deploy Dockerized Sentry with Postgres v.12

Hey Sentry team,
I have Sentry v9.1.2 that works with a PostgreSQL v.11 and I want to upgrade them to Sentry v20 and PostgreSQL v.12/13. I’ve searched a lot about this but I didn’t find any clues, on the other hand, your recommended way in GitHub (docker-compose I mean) also uses PostgreSQL v9.6. Is there any way to upgrade Sentry and PostgreSQL simultaneously? If not, do you have any plan for further changes about this? What is the best way to upgrade the mentioned services?
Thank you for your support in advance.

Hi @HamedAmini!

We are not using Postgres v11 on production so we just don’t know whether Sentry v20+ would work with it well or not. That said if you’ve been able to use v11, I’d guess you can at least keep using that.

Is there a reason you wanting to upgrade Postgres? Do you need some specific new feature introduced in these newer versions?

Thank you @BYK for your response,
Unfortunately, we can’t keep using it, cuz there are conflicts between Sentry v20+ and PostgreSQL with a version higher than 9.6, the base issue is backing up data from PostgreSQL v11 and restoring it to PostgreSQL v9.6. It sounds like we can’t upgrade our PostgreSQL version, so is there any way to move clearly? we only care about projects and DSN secrets. For more information, the import/export function does not work probably.

I was trying to say you may be able to keep your Postgres v11 instance and just change the on-premise config to use that and see how it goes.

We have the export and import commands for the project info but they are not working reliably unfortunately.

I’ve done this and I faced a lot of conflicts during the installation process such as unable to find a specific column, unable to alter relations, and etc.

What is your suggestion for this situation? Are there any specific relations that could be backed up for the project’s data?

Sorry I have no further recommendations on this issue since your situation is quite extraordinary.

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