Sentry 9.1.2 is out!

Hi everyone!

After some months of wait and weeks of cherry-picking and testing, the latest (and hopefully the last) revision of Sentry 9 family is out: 9.1.2 :sparkles:

This release has ~30 fixes with some important ones like the Slack fix, or the empty DSN fix among with many others. See our release page for more information.

The Python packages are already available from PyPI and our GitHub releases page. The Docker image is right around the corner. We strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to this latest version and report any issues they may experience.

Sentry Team


Hi we found an issue for us in 9.1.2: – would it be safe to revert back to using docker image 9.1.1?

Hi @kitkat I would not recommend going back without backing up your data (especially your postgres volume). Also, if you can wait a bit, you may chose to upgrade to v10 instead.

That’s great news and we want to switch on 9.1.2 but the problem is our sentry 8.20.0 is running on k8 from last 2+ years and having data with it. sentry has been deployed by using helm by someone who is not belongs to organization anymore.
I tried to upgrade sentry from 8.20.0 by sentry upgrade but it didn’t worked.
Then I deployed new sentry 9.1.2 and tried to migrate by sentry export and import, it didn’t work as well. after that I took backup of database and tried to put into new one but that also didn’t worked.
Is there any solution to upgrade/migrate to 9.1.2 from 8.20.0 without loosing any data ?

I would recommend upgrading to 8.22.0 first, then 9.0 and then 9.1.2. After each update you should run sentry upgrade to get the relevant DB migrations.

Which version of Postgres are you using?

Thanks for the response, I am using postgresql 9.5.17.

Do I need to upgrade database as well ?

Nope, that seems fine until v10. After that we recommend upgrading to 9.6

okay, thanks for the help.