Detailed minimum requirements

I am looking for an on-premise Sentry setup and I don’t know what minimum resources to give to this project.

The on-premise doc recommends at lest 2400MB of RAM, but what about the CPU and the disk space?

Also, it looks like this hardware requirement is under-estimated:

This project will have an internal purpose only first with 2 or 3 “big” project and a dozen of micro-services plugged on it.

What would you recommend for this kind of setup?


We currently don’t have any specific recommendations but we are planning to update the minimum requirements with some real-life data soon. Your needs would greatly change based on your burst rate and steady state rate though, so hard to prescribe a solution with the little information you have provided here.

Did a quick setup of sentry currently listening on one project not sending so much reports, and my 13Go server disk is already full.

The fault to kafka. I changed the retention config with KAFKA_LOG_RETENTION_HOURS: 12.

This free some spaces, but I am not sure: What is the goal of kafka for sentry? Do we need to save so much logs?

Kafka is the main message pipeline between various services for storing events and related data. Logs are needed to recover from potential issues. With your setting for instance, you’d lose all data older than 12 hours in case Kafka gets overwhelmed or some other thing happens. We defensively set this to 24 hours (it used to be 7 days before by default :scream:).