Disable event grouping

Hi, how can i completely disable event grouping and use sentry as a basic log collector ?

Hey there,

I don’t suppose grouping every single event together into a single Issue using per-project fingerprint rules would provide any value to you? You would be able to view a running log of all the events for a project that way by going to https://sentry.io/organizations/<org-slug>/issues/<issue>/events/

Otherwise you could play with SDK fingerprinting to create some kind of unique identifier for every event.

I am not sure I would actually recommend using Sentry this way as the UI isn’t necessarily built for this kind of workflow - you might have better luck using our data forwarding feature if you’re Sentry Organization is on a Business plan, or building some kind of internal integration to create your own ideal view.

Let me know if this was helpful.

All the best, Nick