Turn off event grouping

Can anyone help me figure out how to turn off event grouping? It should be such an easy fix but i can’t figure it out and I don’t quite understand the language on Settings > Projects > Grouping Settings > Custom Grouping Enhancements / Server Side Fingerprinting.

You should do it in sdk sdk-fingerprinting. If you want to completely disable grouping for events, every event should have unique fingerprint.

Thanks for your help. The link doesn’t work but I found what I needed here:

I’m sure this is considered terrible practice but for anyone in a similar situation as me (testing and development on an app on multiple domains, can’t figure out how to make sourcemaps work for all of them, implemented user feedback that pairs with Sentry.CaptureMessage and ALL of these get grouped together.), and you need to turn it off completely, I just edited the beforeSend() callback in my Sentry.Init{} statement:

// Javascript
beforeSend: (event, hint) => {
    event.fingerprint = [(Math.random() * 1000000).toString()];
    return event;