Disable Sentry in Angular application at runtime


I can’t seem to find a toggle/switch/setting that allows me to disable the Sentry logging at runtime, so I would be able to see logs in console…

Does anyone has any idea if this is even possible?


Could you please clarify:
Do you mean disable Sentry’s SDK debug logs?
Or Sentry’s SDK capturing errors in your app?

What programming language/which SDK do you use?

I mean to disable Sentry’s SDK error capturing.

I’m using the Sentry JS SDK in a client-side Angular application

Any ideas? Alternatives? :smile:

Did you try to just do

enabled: false


This just disables the Sentry initialisation, or am I missing something?

The thing I’m looking for is to disable Sentry after it has been initialised …
Like in this issue : https://github.com/getsentry/sentry-javascript/issues/2039

But since Sentry is not globally available, it’s not possible to execute
Sentry.getCurrentHub().getClient().getOptions().enabled = false;
in the console after it has been initialised.