Disabling Sentry within Angular in local environment

I have sentry in my Angular (2+) project and it works very well. Although Sentry is great on the live version of the site I like to see my errors logged in the console in a local environment and tracking them is of little value. Within Angular my app.module looks like this:

  .config('sentryurlhere', {
    release: environment.release,
    environment: environment.env

export class RavenErrorHandler implements ErrorHandler {
  handleError(err:any) : void {
    Raven.captureException(err.originalError || err);

  imports: [...],
  declarations: [...],
  providers: [
    {provide: ErrorHandler, useClass: RavenErrorHandler}
  bootstrap: [....]

My current solution to disable Sentry while in a local environment is to comment out the provider and hope I remember to revert that before I commit. Its a poor solution. I was wondering if anyone with an Angular app has a good solution for this? I suppose I could conditionally build a providers array based on the env and either include or exclude the Sentry provider; that seems messy.

Are you also deploying to firebase?