Discarded invalid value for parameter 'user'

Can someone explain what data should be sent when sending the User to Sentry? Or more specifically, why it is saying my User is invalid?

The documentation says that all fields are optional but that one must be present. I have three of them and it says it has discarded the user because it is invalid. When I was initially testing it, it did work properly and showed the user in the sidebar, but now it is discarding the users.

Here’s an example directly from an exception on Sentry on what it has discarded.
“name”: “user”,
“value”: {
“username”: "first.middle.last@gmail.com",
“ip_address”: “”,
“id”: “1_123456_4”

I managed to figure out why it was discarding Users. The documentation could be considered lacking, depending on your point of view.

The ip_address field must hold only the IP address and not any other data, like the port number that I have listed in my example.