Do occurrences of resolved issues count toward the event quota?


My team fixed a particularly noisy issue in our most recent release, and so we marked the issue as resolved. Going forward, will occurrences of the issue in prior releases count toward our event quota?

I saw the below article, which suggests that an event will count toward the quota if it was marked resolved, because that could indicate a regression:

But, if the occurrence is in a release prior to the fix, that wouldn’t indicate a regression, so I’m wondering if it would still count toward the quota.


Hi @michaelpace

I was curious about that too. The docs says it clearly that it is counting towards the quota. The support team from sentry confirmed that as expected.

However I was also curious if they have a plan to support the case when event is coming from older releases. Sadly the answer is NO.

Hope this helps…

P.S.: The only solution to this is basically to implement this check on client. You would probably need to fetch list of resolved issues and release versions, and setup sentry sdk hooks to filter events based on this list…