Is there a way to resolve until a version via the API?

You can resolve an issue via the API:

But I want to mark it resolved until a specific release. Is that possible?

Actually, it just occurred to me that the referenced API resolves an event ID to an issue… doesn’t mark it as resolved :slight_smile:

So from

Parameters: * status (string) — the new status for the issues. Valid values are > "resolved" , "resolvedInNextRelease" , "unresolved" , and "ignored" .

  • ignoreDuration (int) — the number of minutes to ignore this issue.
  • isPublic (boolean) — sets the issue to public or private.
  • merge (boolean) — allows to merge or unmerge different issues.
  • assignedTo (string) — the actor id (or username) of the user or team that should be assigned to this issue.
  • hasSeen (boolean) — in case this API call is invoked with a user context this allows changing of the flag that indicates if the user has seen the event.
  • isBookmarked (boolean) — in case this API call is invoked with a user context this allows changing of the bookmark flag.

Still not clear how to mark resolved until release like what is available in the UI.

I’ve got the same issue.

“resolved” seems to mark the issue as resolved but in any release, so if the issue still happens in an older version, the issue is marked as regression as soon as a new occurence happens on those older version… Not really what I’m looking for…
“resolvedInNextRelease” seems to considere the issue to be resolved in the next release version that will be created, so if you’re fixed version already exist but not in production, well it will not be considered resolved in this one but in the next…
And I don’t see anything that can mark the issue resolved in a specific version.

Did I miss something in the doc or somewhere else ? It’ll be usefull to be able to mark as resolved in a specific version.

Its best to look at what our UI does, since it uses those APIs (and we dont document everything).

You want:

  "status": "resolved",
  "statusDetails: {"inRelease": "..."}

Cool !! Thank you !

I’ll keep in mind next time that if UI does it, I might be able to do the same by looking how it’s done.