Electron-Vue app that is minified by default

I’m currently working with an application built in Electron-Vue that has a few crashes that are difficult to track down due to their minified sources.

The files of concern are default to the electron-vue file structure (to be more specific they are in dist/electron/ and the main file of concern is main.js in the folder mentioned earlier. It is a single, minified line of code when installed and run and the error appears like so in Sentry.io:

Is Webpack the way to go for generating a source map that automatically deminifies the code when processed by Sentry.io for display? I’ve been having some difficulty working with it so I want to make sure it is the solution to follow.

And also just to clarify seeing as I’ve never worked with source maps in the past, is it true that the source map can be generated only from the minified file? Or is it created using an unminified file?

Keep in mind that main.js is automatically minified when the app executable is built.

@justin.tran.jt did you got answer to your question?