Email not be sent

I used self hosted, and below is my email config:
mail.backend: ‘smtp’ ‘
mail.port: 25
mail.from: ‘’
mail.username: ‘’
mail.password: ‘yyyyy’
mail.use-tls: false.

Now when I add a new comment to a event, i can get the email. but when an error is encountered and sent to sentry server, no email is sent to me. I already configured the rule to “An event is seen”

. And the event can be seen in sentry web, like .
and another problem is when I click Alerts, i got below issue: , everytime i shoud remove the ‘/sentry/’ manually.

And I got the below messages in log “celery.pool: TaskPool: Apply <function _fast_trace_task at 0x47100c8> (args:(‘sentry.tasks.index_event_tags’, ‘38ed73cf-4cf8-4f2e-bb49-70e76796bb81’, [], {‘organization_id’: 1L, ‘event_id’: 235L, ‘project_id’: 10L, ‘group_id’: 8L, ‘tags’: [(‘sentry:user’, u’’), (‘server_name’, u’’), (‘level’, ‘error’)]}, {‘utc’: True, u’is_eager’: False, ‘chord’: None, u’group’: None, ‘args’: [], ‘retries’: 0, u’delivery_info’: {u’priority’: 0, u’redelivered’: None, u’routing_key’: u’’, u’exchange’: u’triggers’}, ‘expires’: None, u’hostname’: ‘celery@localhost.localdomain’, ‘task’: ‘sentry.tasks.index_event_tags’, ‘callbacks’: None, u’correlation_id’: u’38ed73cf-4cf8-4f2e-bb49-70e76796bb81’, ‘errbacks’: None, ‘timelimit’: (None, None), ‘taskset’: None, ‘kwargs’: {‘organization_id’: 1L, ‘event_id’: 235L, ‘project_id’: 10L, ‘group_id’: 8L, ‘tags’: [(‘sentry:user’, u’’), (‘server_name’, u’’), (‘level’, ‘error’)]}, ‘eta’: None, u’reply_to’: u’a4359530-91fc-3b7f-8b6f-7cbbe3a244c3’, ‘id’: ‘38ed73cf-4cf8-4f2e-bb49-70e76796bb81’,… kwargs:{})”

“14:12:01 [INFO] sentry.plugins.mail: notification.digested (project_id=10L plugin=u’mail’ event_id=250L group_id=37L rule_id=10L digest_key=u’mail:p:10’)
14:12:01 [INFO] celery.worker.job: Task sentry.tasks.post_process.post_process_group[da2e9216-e11c-48a6-86a8-cf1c9b722a31] succeeded in 0.0906393462792s: None”

But I donot get the email from the sentry server.

我们遇到的问题 还不太一样。

我的配置里面曾经收到过一两次报警邮件, 里面是有链接的, 蛤只收到过两次, 后面再也没有收到过了. 就算我新建一个project也收不到邮件. 不知道是web页面上设置有问题还是sentry configure里面配置有问题, 我这边只有两个配置文件, 一个是config.yml, 另一个是sentry.conf.py文件.


我收到的两次报警都是sentry刚装的时候收到的, 我今天把所有表都删除了, 然后执行了一次upgrade, 执行完之后, 第一次报错也收到了报警.

I could only get the alert email at the very first time as I reinstalled the sentry. Anyone encounter the same question with me? By the way, I am not using docker now, could this be the problem?