Emails are not enabled in Sentry on-premise

I did email configurations like this in config.yml

mail.backend: ‘smtp’ # Use dummy if you want to disable email entirely ‘
mail.port: 25
mail.username: ‘’
mail.password: ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’
mail.use-ssl: true
mail.from: ‘’

But still I am not getting any emails. Can anyone please help solving this issue?

We’ll need your worker logs to diagnose. Also, did you try using the /manage page to send a test email?

Yes, I tried using the /manage page. It is showing this error “[Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address”.

I don’t have an idea on how to get those worker logs. Can you please tell me?

If you are getting an error from the manage page, we can look at sentry web logs too: docker-compose logs web (run this right after you get the error so we get relevant logs closer to the end)

You can also run docker-compose logs worker to get worker logs. These are documented here:

These are web logs

These are worker logs

Please help me in resolving this issue.

any update on this? does not accept connections from port 25: Check Gmail through other email platforms - Gmail Help

I think that’s your issue.

I changed the port. It’s working now. Test mail has sent successfully.
Thank you.

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