Error 500s when creating a new release

Hi there,

I’m receiving a weird 500 error from Sentry when attempting to create a new release via sentry-cli Anybody else seeing anything like this?

$ sentry-cli releases deploys "thumbnail-phase-consumer-2b7d4c04842fc384d17aa0c27b5df521e24f9d36" new --env "staging"
error: API request failed
  caused by: sentry reported an error: request failure (http status: 500)
  Object({"detail": String("Internal Error"), "errorId": String("618f811b17f44fa890035b7afc3e6dbf")})

I was able to fix this by using a shorter version code so I assume that was the problem.

I take it this isn’t documented anywhere? Also should be an error 400, not a 500.

Yeah, it’s definitely from the release name being too long. It was 1 character too long, but it seems that it’s failing not gracefully in a tangentially related system due to the name being too long there.

So we should shorten up the allowed length of release name to not cause a downstream system to fail.

Specifically, that bug is this: