Release Tracking: There was an error loading data

I can’t use the Release Tracking feature.

Is this a known bug?

I have same problem. I can see releases. But when I try to open release see same message.

Is this still occurring for you @tomfun @trungdq88 ? I can’t reproduce, I’m curious if it’s related to your permissions in the org?

Yes, this is my releases
And error for every release the same
Previously i thought it is because sentry can’t grab my source maps, and I give access to it. Also, I think it may be because I use URL in the release name, but I can’t check it.

My guess is that this seems to be related to auth, the page works alright for me. Could you try deleting cookies/browsing to the page via the link in settings? Sorry you’re having this problem! I don’t believe the URL release name is the problem.

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean “deleting cookies/browsing to the page via the link in settings”. Check what I did, and give detailed instruction if needed.
What I did:
I turned into incognito mode, started with single release page, enter credential, was redirected to release page (with wrong URI! you certainly have problem with redirects) saw error, and open the release page via direct link.
Nothing changed, got same error message (
I opened network inspector in my browser, and saw 403:

Request URL:
Request Method:GET
Status Code:403 FORBIDDEN

and 404:

Request URL:
Request Method:GET
Status Code:404 NOT FOUND

Did you find out something? I’m having same problem

It doesn’t happen if release name does not have “/”. Good to know

These might be related:

Not being able to track releases with / (or @ ?) is a pity. Using mono-repos we have tags/releases like this all the time. I.e. @commitlint/cli@1.2.3

(edit: fixed related links)