Error when sending events from a Chrome Extension

I’m trying to setup the JavaScript library for use with my Chrome Extension. I’ve successfully sent a test event, but when I review it on the dashboard I see:


My current setup:

  • I include the Raven library as a content script
  • I call Raven.config(…).install() in my content script

What am I doing wrong here?

One other observation:

  • Adding the { debug: true } flag to Raven.config(…, options).install() doesn’t seem to result in any additional console output.

Not sure, but I think Sentry tries to fetch source codes by urls on the server side and fails.

OK that makes sense.

Is it possible to tell Sentry not to (try to) do this? Or at least to suppress the warning in the admin UI?

You can disable source fetching in your project’s settings.

Nice, thanks :slight_smile: