Poor Javascript SDK documentation

I’m building a universal react application. I’ve conditionally imported the new @sentry/node and @sentry/browser libraries, exported in my App file for use in the application, and am upgrading the previous library (raven-js) uses to the latest.

What I’m finding is that the documentation for the new library is lacking breadth, at times confusingly written, omits documentation for various object options. It would be great to learn how to use Hints in other places like captureException, and really just a better explanation of what Hints are - are they just named attributes of the error event that are sent along but have a confusing name? Or is it a child object of the event.

Am I missing a critical section of the documentation?

What I’ve found after explaining the problem is that the documentation does exist, but it’s pretty scattered. I suppose better referencing throughout the docs would have helped.

For anyone else, it has been useful to learn about Scopes in particular. For example, where the previous Raven library simply had .setUserContext, the new library requires that to be done in the Scope.