Events missing in api/database/search, but present in overview graphs


We are using a docker based installation with - 1 sentry, 1 sentry cron, 1 redis, 1 memcached, 1 postgres, 1 redis and 6 sentry workers. We noticed that on all projects, the information from the overview graphs does not correspond with the search on events. The per-hour sum for one day is the same as the daily report, so the values are not random. But both in the database, the site, and the api, the number of events is much smaller than the one from the report ( more than 50% less). We do not have any special configuration enabled. Is it possible that the events are throttled by default ? If so, how do we disable this ? We did not set any per-project limits.
Example for one issue:

We have 6 events today. But only 4 are present in the event list ( one is missing from 1 pm and one from 2 am ) ( I put both print screens in one image):

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I found the problem- it looks like data sampling is enabled by default in sentry. You have to disable it in the configuration to have all the sentry events saved in the database ( SENTRY_SAMPLE_DATA = False) -