Sentry api for fetching data

Is there some api that I could programmatically download infromation about events?
For example I need to send report about some correlation of event1 and event2 that both have the same tag.

Yes there is:

Looks like you want this (I once wrote a little thing with it).

Scanning through all events will take a while, and some of them might be gone (sampled is the right term I think ?).
But you can still try your luck !

That is what i wanted. Thanks!

@bsergean I have tested API request List an Issue’s Events
But I received only 100 events.
Is it possible to download all saved events data for this issue?

Check this out to get the following events.

The python request library has support for “links”.

@bsergean Thank you!
that worked.
Sorry for being annoying, but there is one more problem.
It looks like there not all events saved.
If I look on web interface there around 1500 events per day(“LAST 30 DAYS” histogram).
But if I download all available events for this issue there are only ~1500 for 3 months.
As guy on backend said they are runing
"/www/sentry/bin/sentry --config=/etc/ cleanup --days 90 > /dev/null"
Does this affect this behavior?
How to get all events for last 2 months for example

In my experience I was also missing some events when I was going through
the API. Probably the sentry folks would know better, this is the extent of
my knowledge …

I have found SENTRY_SAMPLE_DATA option for sentry server config
I think that the root cause