Exception sent to Sentry but doesn't show up in dashboard

Hi, I am seeing a weird issue here, need some help. My macOS app is integrated with Sentry. When I triggered a crash, I see that the exception is sent to Sentry server on next app launch, verified from Charles and response is 200OK. But on my project dashboard, the exception event never shows up.
However, when I just send a test event to Sentry, that event did show up in the dashboard, so that tells me my Sentry integration is correct.
Does anyone have insight on why exception doesn’t show up? This is an on-prem setup, but I don’t think that matters, as I was mentioning it was able to show the test event that I sent. Thank you so much.

------ update --------

I tried running my app on another machine running the same OS, I was able to see exception showing up in the dashboard. So the problem seems to exception event doesn’t register with Sentry when it’s sent from my primary. Is there some kind of IP blocking on Sentry side that I am not aware of? In the project settings, in the allowed domains, I have * which is the default value. Anything else, guys?

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