Exceptions are not grouping by stracktrace

Hi there,

Below is attached an image that shows my issue. As you can see, all of the exceptions displaying in Sentry are exactly the same but they are not being grouped for some reason. Digging into each exception reveals that the strack trace of each different thread is exactly the same. I’ve looked at the documentation for exception grouping and it did not reveal anything anything obvious to me on what I can do to fix this.

These specific exceptions are being caught when using the default install method for a NodeJS Express server. I am not calling captureException explicitly.

At one point in my authentication process, I call the following:

      user: {
        id: userContext.details.user && userContext.details.user.userId
      extra: {
        agencyCompanyId: userContext.details.agencyCompanyId,
        schoolCompanyId: userContext.details.schoolCompanyId

However, for all the exceptions in the screenshot they are coming from the same user with the exact same extra fields.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!