Extra data limitation is changed

According to the document below, the extra data is limited to 50 items, and each item is capped at 16 KB. Currently, my extra data of an event is just 2 items(total is 16KB), while the extra data is sent more than 2 items, is the limitation is changed? can Sentry provide a new document for it.

Hi, yes, we deployed a rewrite of this logic. We want to document this at some point, but right now we want to figure out if what we have right now is better or worse than the old logic. If you think it changed for the worse, please post examples so we can debug this

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In our React Native app, it sends state data as extra data to Sentry along with the error event, the new logic cuts off the extra data, it results in the limitation of evidence to find a bug.
Example: https://sentry.io/organizations/employment-hero/issues/906499005/?environment=production&project=115026&query=is%3Aunresolved&statsPeriod=14d&utc=false

Do you have an event that used to go through untrunchated? I would be quite surprised if we ever alllowed strings that large.

Hi untitaker,

Here is an event that has non-truncated attributes:

Like namvoeh, we have been using the extra attributes to report redux state, although we encode the state and split it into 16KB chunks before sending. From my testing, the limit is now 8KB for all extra attributes combined, which is far too low for our usage. Is there any way to have the change reverted?

thanks @alxyuu for your response, I did the same way with him @untitaker, here is my example https://sentry.io/employment-hero/eh-mobile-production/issues/847850340/?environment=dev

Since we got multiple complaints also from outside the forum, we fixed this: https://github.com/getsentry/semaphore/pull/180

Not deployed yet but it should be fixed soon

I just want to clarify it was not intentional that the extra attribute was capped this much. We have changed this back. Iā€™m sorry the degradation of the feature.

thanks @mitsuhiko @untitaker I will test it after the deployment.