How to disable data clipping in the «Additional Data» block?

You cannot disable this as it’s enforced by the server. We do this with various attributes to guarantee events are bounded in size:

It would be nice if a paid Sentry plan will remove this limitation (or increase the limits up to 5-10 times).
It is the feature I will definitely pay for.

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Does the UI still show (clipped) when this occurs? Im getting a unexpected ... at the end of my additional data field and im trying to ascertain if it was in the source (which would be very surprising)

We are limiting the amount of data you can send us on a per-value basis. You can circumvent the limit quite a bit by sending your additional data as a flatter structure (rather than as a single extra key, split it up).

We understand the situation is not ideal and are working on a feature that allows you to attach binary blobs of much larger size, priced separately and outside of the event payload. But we do not know when it’s ready yet.

Ok thanks but that doesn’t quite answer my question - what does the UI display when the data is clipped?

Right, it’s ... nowadays.

Thanks, whats the limit? Seems like 400 characters including the …? Splitting it into 400 character chunks and having to stitching it back to together is going to be painful, any reason you don’t allow more than 400 but have a max limit on the total payload instead?