Feature Request: Ignore release, auto-ignore previous releases

Hi there! Two related requests:

  1. For a specific release, add a toggle to auto-ignore new reports from that release.
  2. As an enhancement to #1, for a specific project, add a global setting to auto-ignore older releases.

Why: The pattern of my application is that there is a very long tail of clients that take a long time to upgrade, meaning some releases will be in the field (and generating errors) for a long time. However, errors for old releases are generally uninteresting once there is a new release.

Similarly, for a very error-proned “bad” release, it’d be nice to be able to say, “whoops - ignore all reports from this one”.

It’s possible to approximate this by filtering the project view, of course, but feels like a nice add-on to using releases. Thanks again!

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I approximate this by using inbound filters and carefully excluding EVERY SINGLE VERSION except for the latest and I do that manually every time I deploy. It sucks hard, but I guess it technically works.

Really hope they do something about this because for mobile apps old clients are a fact of life. For websites and APIs, there’s only 1 release active at a time. But for mobile apps, I’ll regularly get errors from a client we released 9 months ago.

What I really need for my workflow is the ability to mark something as fixed in the latest release and then have it re-appear only if it recurs after in release 1.3.0 or greater. Currently, it re-appears if it recurs at all in any version, which implicitly assumes that your newest release is the only one active. Seems like that whole feature was designed for websites, not for mobile apps.