Inbound data filter on version?

Is it possible to filter out errors based on the release version of the project? i.e. ignore all errors coming from version 1.0.1 of the app?

I have a bunch of errors coming form an old version of my app that are wasting my quota. The app is an auto-updating desktop application, so sometimes it takes a while for users to update to the latest version.

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We’re exploring ways to make this possible in a future release of Sentry. No promises on timeline, but I recommend subscribing to the Sentry blog / keeping an eye out for updates.

Seeing as this is still not available, just wanted to throw my hat in here - would LOVE this feature, especially as an easy “only report on new errors from the most recent version of the app”

This was added to the app in late 2017. More in this blog post.

Note that this feature is only unlocked for “Large” plans on