Advanced Sentry search



I’m using the Sentry API in order to get filtered issues that I display on dashboards.
My goal is to display the most impacting issues on one dashboard. For this I’d like to filter my issues by two filters :

  • Number of events (for this I’m using the timesSeen filter)
  • Number of users impacted

For the second one I do not see any way of achieving this in the search documentation.

I’d like to be able to do something like :

users:>= X


COUNT(users)>= X

Is there a way to achieve what I’m looking for ?

Also, I have connected Sentry and Jira so we can tackle and keep tracks of sentries being tackled.
Is there a way to filter the Sentry issues not being linked to an actual Jira issue ?



It’s possible this will happen in the future with some of the infrastructure we’re building. Right now theres unfortunately no reasonable way to do what you’re wanting though (COUNT(users) as a search condition).

Regarding the Jira bit, I think that’s also not yet available in search but is something we’re going to add, and might exist by the end of the year.


Thank you for the reply. Keep up the good work, Sentry’s doing a great job and we look forward to have access to the new features :smile:


Hello @zeeg,

Do you have any news regarding the Jira bit ?

Is there a way to filter the Sentry issues not being linked to an actual Jira issue ?

With the new integration you deployed around a month ago I hoped to see this possible but it is still not possible :confused:
Any news regarding this new feature ?



It should happen early in the new year (early Q1). We’ve got a ton of new search improvements going out, and last I heard this was bundled as part of them.


Hello @zeeg,

Any news about this?



It hasn’t landed yet but it’s still slated - likely pushed into Q2 at this point as theres a lot of minor tweaks we need to make happen for the new Visibility features.