Finding out sentry features

Good day,
We would like to find out Sentry features and understand how Sentry covers our goals.

We are looking for a tool which will help us to:

  1. Know and understand problems which our users face to
  2. Help us to solve problems with app ( deep logging, variable valus, etc)
  3. It should be an agent, so we dont have to modify current code.
  4. Low perfomance impact (1-3%)

I’ve written few letters to, but got no answer. How can I contact sentry sales ?

Hey there!

Sorry about the lack of response, we had some overzealous spam filters in our ticketing system. Lindsey from our Customer Success team replied to your original email and she’s the best person to help you!

Thanks for posting here and letting us know about the lack of response - we definitely don’t want to miss any emails.