Finding the cause of an activity spike in the past (possible to inspect backing DB?)


We had a spike of events during a period of ~30 minutes a few days back, and we’d like to be able to look at the most likely causes of this spike. Unfortunately, though the UI does allow you to filter for events occurring between two timestamps, the resulting list doesn’t seem to show the event count for that time period, but rather shows the event count for all time. This makes it hard to see which events were logged at an unusual frequency during this time. I thought switching the inline graph to 14D mode would help, but unfortunately the graphs are empty from that day going backwards.

Is there something I’ve missed that makes this easy in the UI? Or would this require running queries on the backing Postgres/Redis instances?

I think that Sentry 9 will make it easier ->

I’m proposing this too to solve that particular problem (spikes) ->