Sentry stops processing events at fixed time

Have started facing an issue from past few days. Sentry stops processing events between specific times.

It stops processing updates between 11:30 to 21:30 as can be seen in the graph. Any idea why this might be happening?

I’ve never heard of this nor do I have an explanation. I can only assume something wrong with your setup, or somehow you’re literally not sending data during these times.

Events are being sent because this is how the event throughput graph in sentry admin looks like:

But somehow events are not getting recorded. Started happening from last few days, everything was working fine before this.

Also I looked at the Buffers section in sentry admin.

Updates processed and Revoked updates graph:

And this is what it says about the buffers:

Sentry buffers are responsible for making changes to cardinality counters — such as an issues event count — as well as updating attributes like last seen. These are flushed on a regularly interval, and are directly affected by the queue backlog.

Does revoked updates spike mean anything?

@incognitosj Did you manage to find the reason?