First Seen/Last Seen are not updated

Hi there,

Something strange is happening to me, running sentry 8.10.0 on premisses: for one particular project, the First Seen/Last Seen fields show “n/a” on every issue details page. The other projects report the values correctly.

What can be the reason? Where should I start investigating?


These values are based on the ‘environment’ attribute. It’s likely you have some data with it set, and others without, and in this case its not.

You are right. Switching to “(Default environment)” shows the values. But i’m not tagging the environment, I also removed “environment” from project’s settings and there doesn’t seem to be a way to set “no environment” as the default environment in the widget.

This is likely an issue with mocked data. The best thing you can do is go in and run the following:

DELETE FROM sentry_environment WHERE name = 'production';

I’m experiencing this same issue, hosted on Unless I choose the “Default Environment”, every single issue shows n/a for when and release. I am submitting environment information from both JS and PHP. Most of my issues show “100% production” for environment, so I’m really confused about what is causing this.

Similarly, if I explicitly search for an issue in the staging environment (I only have a handful) and select it, it defaults to displaying Production on the right, everything n/a. Same if I manually change it to Staging. I have to change it to Default Environment to see anything.

In my settings, I have default environment set to “production”. Are environments case sensitive?

Any idea what’s going on here?

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Same issue goes to me.
Production environment does not show any data regarding first/last seen.