Sentry not showing Environments Tab


Hi all,

I have an on premise version of Sentry. I have a Ruby project, in which I get correctly issues from both staging, and production environments.

My problem is all issues are mixed up, I can’t use the new filter tab in the header of the project to change my view to specific environment.

Actual Result:

Here is a screenshot of my project, as you can see I don’t have that tab in the top



How are you sending the environment?
What version of Sentry are you using?


Hi @HazAT

I am sending it in an initializer in my Rails app like this:

config.current_environment = Rails.env

BTW, it’s also working without this line, cause I have correct RAILS_ENV env var set in my servers.

I can see all issues are correctly having the relative environments tags, please see this screenshot:

My Sentry version is: 9.0.0

Sorry for the second screenshot link, I can’t upload more than one photo as I am a new user.


up up


@HazAT any ideas?


Sorry, not really sure what’s going on, this looks correct.
Maybe it’s a feature that has to be enabled.


Hmm, where can I ask :smiley:

Cause currently we have both staging, and production mixed up, and it’s very annoying.