Force generate UUID for

To be able to match the stacktrace of obfuscated builds with their mapping.txt, sentry uses a file that contains a UUID of mapping.txt.

When using proguard, the .properties file is generated (using persistSentryProguardUuids task) between the moment mapping.txt is generated, and the moment the apk is packaged.

However, I am currently dealing with a tool that does the mapping and packaging in the same task. There is no way to hook in between the two events. This leads me to believe that we have to generate the UUID upfront, and force sentry to honor it (which seems to be an option, from the docs)

Can someone describe what that would entail?

Thank you!

Any update on this?
Any pointer would be greatly appreciated. This is currently blocking us from using sentry with DexGuard.
Thank you!