GDPR - export/delete user data

I’ve read the blog post gdpr-sentry-and-you but it didn’t talk about data export and delete. And I see posts in the forum here that mention changes are happing, but I’m not sure what the scope of those changes are…

However, we definitely have personal data in sentry (including emails, phone numbers etc.), and would like to be able to export/delete data by user (e.g. by querying on

As far as I know, and I could be completely wrong, there is no (easy?) way to do the export or delete at present, not even via some api?

Note that we don’t anticipate have a very significant number of export/delete requests from users so we can tolerate some level of manual involvement in the process, at least initially.

Many thanks!


any update on this?

How can my users have the right to be forgotten?


Did anyone find a solution? If a user asks me to give them their sentry data, how am I supposed to do that? If at least there was a way to connect their data with some sort of ID, and then I would be able to search their stuff using this ID. Once I have their data, I can just delete or download it and send it to them. There doesn’t seem to be anyone discussing this, and I’m honestly considering using something else other than sentry. Did anyone find a solution?