Exporting and Deleting User Data

There have been a couple of other posts relating to this, but they went unanswered, or there was no solution given (Delete/Remove/Resolve single event(s) of an issue? and GDPR - export/delete user data). It is important that since there is personal user data in Sentry that we have the ability to export and delete that information to abide by CCPA/GDPR.

There is a convoluted way to export the user data by hitting the following sequence of endpoints: List a Project’s Events -> List an Issue’s Events -> Retrieve an Event for a Project. It would be easier and more efficient if there was one endpoint to hit, so multiple calls do not have to be make. Is there a simpler way of doing this?

As it appears, there is no way to delete a single event without getting rid of the whole issue, whether by the API or a manual process. Is there any way to delete user data/a single event?

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