Get alert for every event

Hi, I want to get an email notification every time an error occours, even if it occurred in the past.
I set the alarm to “ANY of this conditions” and “An event is seen” and “An issue is first seen”.
But it only sends me email when a new error is seen…is this correct? How can get an email for every error?

“An issue is first seen” is the part you should focus on. Issue is the aggregate of an error, so its the first time an event creates a new issue (and thus is de-duped). You would likely want “An event is seen” which is every time an event happens.

That said, you will not be able to guarantee an email for every error, as we limit the maximum an email can be set for that given ruleset on a particular issue to the rule debounce period (which I believe the lowest interval is 30 minutes).

I understand, but then something is not working.
I have set the “event is seen” alarm, and a new event of an existing issue occurred two days ago but i didn’t receive any email.
I set the interval at 30 mins.

Are you using or self-hosted. If you’re self-hosting this is likely an issue with your servers configuration. If you’re on I’d suggest pinging support@ as this should work as expected.