Notifications only for repeating errors

What would be the best way to send notification emails only when the same error happens 10+ times? Sole errors often don’t need immediate attention, so it’s really a noise if both sole and highly repeating errors arrive at the same inbox.

You can set alert rules for notifications in your project settings by going to Alerts and then Rules.

There is an option for the condition ‘an event is seen more than {value} times in {interval}’. However, the current maximum ‘interval’ option is 30days - so you could do ‘an event is seen more than 10 times in 30days’.

Thanks Meredith, is there any way to include {value} in the headline of the email? Would be really great to quickly understand how severe is the issue.

You can customize the subject template for alert emails (not workflow emails) and put in tags such as {$tag:level} but you can’t just put {value} in. This setting lives in Alerts.